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18th April 2014


Friday book news 18 April

Friday book news 18 April

“Who’s that over there on the throne?”
Bernard Cornwell, who is, according to my blog statistics, the name to tag for almost unimited page views, has announced two books coming out soonest. Why am I reminded of the Simpsons‘ Captain (to paraphrase) “‘Tis no man, ’tis a remorseless writing machine, arr.”
Well, I’m, how can I put it? A little ‘suspicious’ of a writer like him who churns books out at…

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11th April 2014


Friday Book News 11 April

Friday Book News 11 April

As my sight is returning, slowly, to something in the vicinity of normal, my snazzy new magnifying glass reveals that…

Dark City BlueOut Of ExileLuke Preston, the terrible infant (where DID I put that French dictionary?) of Australian e-novels,  or something like that, says he is nominated for a prize.
It’s the International Thriller Writers 2014 Awards and Luke is in the running for BEST EBOOK ORIGINAL NOVEL.


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7th April 2014


Review: The Whitehall Mandarin

Review: The Whitehall Mandarin

The Whitehall Mandarin
The Whitehall Mandarin by Edward Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For an old Cold War spy (novel-reading) warrior like me, I really can’t resist books that come with recommendations like, “The thinking person’s John le Carré” and especially when it is described as an “old fashioned spy story.” Drawback is, many of the ones I go through with that their outside, can’t deliver on the inside.

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5th April 2014


Reading The Lion and the Lamb by John Henry Clay

Reading The Lion and the Lamb by John Henry Clay

Another story of Roman Britain set up around Hadrian’s Wall, by the looks of it. Will be interesting to see how it compares to Anthony Riches Empire series – which seems to have staked the territory around the Roman Wall out pretty well so far.
Impressive, solid feel to the hardback version I have, with nice embossing on the cover. All looking good so far.

Reading The Lion and the Lamb by John…

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4th April 2014


Book News Friday 16 May

Book News Friday 16 May

…can see pretty well. Colours still very light and it’s like looking into bright sun the whole time, but I can read ok and that’s what matters.

And what have I been reading about?

The Fifth Legion

Enemy of RomeDouglas Jackson another Blog Fave™ has produced the cover for the next in his ‘…of Rome’ series, called Enemy of Rome. As Douglas says in his Facebook posting, this is more or less how it will look,…

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3rd April 2014


Review: Arrows of Fury

Review: Arrows of Fury

Arrows of Fury
Arrows of Fury by Anthony Riches
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to, thanks (?) to an eye infection, ‘read’ this with Audible. And very glad I was too. What top notch entertainment it is! So good in fact, I’ve had it read to me twice inside a month – and enjoyed every single Roman minute of it.

We’re back in AD 182, in Roman Britain, in the Roman Legions, at the northern edge of the…

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1st April 2014


Reading The Whitehall Mandarin by Edward Wilson

Reading The Whitehall Mandarin by Edward Wilson

Getting an inordinate amount of pleasure from reading this. Akin to bring at a party in the Home Counties in the early ’60′s…possibly.

Reading The Whitehall Mandarin by Edward Wilson

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1st April 2014


Review: Swords of Good Men

Review: Swords of Good Men

Swords of Good Men
Swords of Good Men by Snorri Kristjansson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I live in Denmark, I have done the last ten years. I have learned Danish and I speak and understand it all day every day. I’ve read books in Danish. English-written translated into Danish and books written by Danish authors. And there’s a difference. You can see, read and tell there’s a difference. There’s a different way of…

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29th March 2014


Review: Stay Another Day

Review: Stay Another Day

Stay Another Day
Stay Another Day by Mark Timlin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Must be some fifteen to twenty years since I last picked up a Mark Timlin ‘Nick Sharman’ thriller. And I still can’t put it down.

It’s hard for me to critiise a Mark Timlin/Nick Sharman book. They’ve always been right. They’ve always entertained, they’ve always been taughtly written and they’re amongst the very few books I…

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28th March 2014


Book News

…has been on a little hiatus while I’ve been struggling with what we doctors are calling an Occular Nerve Infection. The Danish term for this infection translates as Sight Nerve Infection. That probably tells you a little better what it is. It meant that for a while i could see very little at all, but it seems to be on the mend now.

So, on with the show…

Robin of Draw-wood
Robin of Sherwood GraphicGreat Friend of the Blog™

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